I love Love!!!

Today is Valentines day and I just love Love. It is this adoration for love that drew me to becoming a celebrant.  It seems very fitting to me that this should be the day of my first ever blog post.


Before becoming a celebrant one of my previous professional incarnations was as a student of midwifery.  I love midwifery.  I love working closely with women and with couples.  Forming relationships and working in partnership with people is something I am passionate about; so is supporting people during the other most significant and memorable times in their lives.


But I did not love the midwifery lifestyle.  I went into my study with my eyes open.  I knew what a commitment it was going to be, how much hard work and responsibility it was going to involve, and how much time away from home it was going to require.  But what I did not count on was how midwifery was going to crystallise my life ideology in such a polar opposite way to expected. 


I know this is going to sound cheesy but the final nail in the coffin of my fledgling midwifery career was the realisation that I really really hated being away from my husband for extended periods of time.

Me and the Hubby on our first Valentines Day, 2008.

Me and the Hubby on our first Valentines Day, 2008.


Now this may be nauseating but I am madly in love with my husband.  I count my lucky stars regularly that fate deemed me worthy enough to grant me such a man.  Kind, gentle, funny, supportive, intelligent, strong, tender, and of course drop dead gorgeous to name just a few of his qualities.  


So in the midst of launching my career as a midwife, knowing full well that it was a career that would involve the devotion and sacrifice of my whole life, I suddenly realised I was making a huge mistake.  


Almost everyone is looking for the thing that is going to light their fire, particularly when it comes to their career.  I though I had found mine with midwifery.  It contains all of the things that I am passionate about.  People, families, relationships, partnership, love.  But in the middle of following that path I suddenly realised that I was already in possession of that burning fire and I was at risk of extinguishing it.  


As I said before, I am Crazy in Love with my husband.  And I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.  I suddenly came to the realisation that I was in peril of putting our relationship in jeopardy.  And even if it did not put strain on it, it was definitely going to make me very very sad.

And today, 9 years later.

And today, 9 years later.


So I sharply veered away from that course and don’t regret it for a second, but for a while I was a bit lost at sea.  I was no longer on the path that I thought was for me, and I had sold my business to boot.  I was in a conundrum.  What the hell was I going to do now???


And then I had an epiphany.  What did I love?  People, families, relationships,  and partnership.  And what did I love more than anything else?  Love.  So I embarked on a career that was the unparalleled combination of all of these things…becoming a celebrant.  And I can hand on heart say it is the best job I have ever had in my life.  


Sometimes life throws you curveballs.  You think you are heading down one path and then suddenly you are at a dead end.  You can’t go forward and you don’t want to go back.  What the hell are you going to do now?  Then you notice a narrow trail to your left, and off you go that way.  And it turns out to be the greatest rout of your life!  


Sometimes you just have to trust you are exactly where you are meant to be, even though it may not feel like it at the time.


So Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!  I hope you all love Love as much as I do xxx

Emily Cane